City of Ghosts

by Stacia Kane
City of Ghosts (The Downside Ghosts #3) - Stacia Kane 9.26   4

Chess Putnam has a lot on her plate. Mangled human corpses have started to show up on the streets of Downside, and Chess’s bosses at the Church of Real Truth have ordered her to team up with the ultra-powerful Black Squad agency to crack the grisly case.

Chess is under a binding spell that threatens death if she talks about the investigation, but the city’s most notorious crime boss — and Chess’s drug dealer — gets wind of her new assignment and insists on being kept informed. If that isn’t bad enough, a sinister street vendor appears to have information Chess needs. Only he’s not telling what he knows, or what it all has to do with the vast underground City of Eternity.

Now Chess will have to navigate killer wraiths, First Elders, and a lot of seriously nasty magic — all while coping with some not-so-small issues of her own. And the only man Chess can trust to help her through it all has every reason to want her dead.

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Release date July 22, 2010
Details updated August 17, 2022

The Downside Ghosts :: Series

Series contains 6 primary works and has 9 total works.

In Chess Putnam’s world, ghosts are real, and — what’s worse — they’re dangerous. Lucky for her, she has the ability to hunt and banish them, which she puts to good use in her job as a debunker. People who try to get government money by claiming they’ve got a ghost need to go through Chess first. It’s up to her to decide whether they’re committing fraud — and she rarely makes mistakes. Dark, sexy, and always suspenseful, the Downside Ghosts series chronicles Chess’s adventures in a frightening, fascinating world wholly unlike our own.

Unholy Ghosts (The Downside Ghosts #1) 8.40   5
Unholy Magic (The Downside Ghosts #2) 7.50   4
City of Ghosts (The Downside Ghosts #3) 9.26   4
Sacrificial Magic (The Downside Ghosts #4) 7.66   3
Chasing Magic (The Downside Ghosts #5) 7.50   2
Finding Magic N/A
Wrong Ways Down 7.50   2
Five Down N/A

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