Elminster Must Die

by Ed Greenwood
Elminster Must Die (Sage of Shadowdale #1) by Ed Greenwood 6.00   2

Elminster Must Die is the debut 4th Edition appearance of one of the Forgotten Realms world’s most iconic characters, written by the creator of the original Forgotten Realms campaign setting. An instant classic, and a must-read for every Realms fan.

When the goddess of magic was murdered, Elminster’s world shattered. Once the most powerful wizard in the world, immortal, beloved of the goddess of magic, and the bane of villainy, he is now a tired old man. He is powerful but mortal, and with all the enemies a man who makes a habit of saving the world tends to accumulate.

To make matters worse, Elminster has needs — feeding powerful magic items to the Simbul, his lover, is the only thing that keeps her sane — but their increasingly risky collection leads his enemies right to him.

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Release date August 1, 2010
Details updated October 16, 2010

Sage of Shadowdale

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Sage of Shadowdale chronicles the adventures of one of the Forgotten Realms’ most iconic characters, the powerful wizard Elminster.

Main series Forgotten Realms

Elminster Must Die (Sage of Shadowdale #1) 6.00   2
Bury Elminster Deep (Sage of Shadowdale #2) 8.00   2
Elminster Enraged (Sage of Shadowdale #3) 6.50   2

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