Sands of the Soul (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #6) by Voronica Whitney-Robinson 6.00   1
Thazienne Uskevren

The only legitimate daughter of the wealthy Uskevren family, Tazi has suffered blow after shattering blow to her body and her spirit, some at the hands of her most trusted allies.

Even as she struggles to mend her fractured soul, Tazi finds herself on a journey that will take her from the safety of Stormweather to the darkest alleys of Selgaunt and the shining heart of the Calim Desert. There, the ever-shifting sands hide an old for who holds the key to Tazi's salvation – or her doom.

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Release date 2002
Details updated January 16, 2017

Forgotten Realms: Sembia

Series contains 7 primary works and has 7 total works.

Main series Forgotten Realms

The Halls of Stormweather (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #1) 7.34   3
Shadow's Witness (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #2) 6.34   3
The Shattered Mask (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #3) 6.00   2
Black Wolf (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #4) 6.00   1
Heirs of Prophecy (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #5) 6.00   1
Sands of the Soul (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #6) 6.00   1
Lord of Stormweather (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #7) 6.00   1

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