The Alabaster Staff (Forgotten Realms: The Rogues #1) by Edward Bolme 8.00   1

She didn't want to steal it.

She didn't want to kill a Zhentarim agent.

She didn't want to double-cross the thieves guild.

She didn't want to owe a debt to the Red Wizards of Thay.

She didn't want to anger the followers of the dragon god Tiamat.

She didn't want to tie her fate to the dreaded Staff of the Necromancer.

But she did.

The Alabaster Staff is the first book in a new series that brings to life the people who survive on the fringes and in the shadows of Faerûn – The Rogues.

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Release date 2003
Details updated September 7, 2010

Forgotten Realms: The Rogues

Series contains 4 primary works and has 4 total works.

Main series Forgotten Realms

The Alabaster Staff (Forgotten Realms: The Rogues #1) 8.00   1
The Black Bouquet (Forgotten Realms: The Rogues #2) 6.00   1
The Crimson Gold (Forgotten Realms: The Rogues #3) 6.00   1
The Yellow Silk (Forgotten Realms: The Rogues #4) 6.00   1

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