Black Wolf (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #4) by Dave Gross 6.00   1
Talbot Uskevren

The second son of the Uskevren family fights a deadly battle within himself.

Like most young men of his station, Talbot spends his days honing his swordfighting skills and, unlike the others, practicing the art of acting. Now, Talbot will put both of these talents to the test when a rival house comes looking for blood. The only way for Talbot to survive against the Black Brotherhood is to let the inner wolf loose, and the only way for him to live in Selgaunt's society is to keep the wolf chained.

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Release date 2001
Details updated January 7, 2015

Forgotten Realms: Sembia

Series contains 7 primary works and has 7 total works.

Main series Forgotten Realms

The Halls of Stormweather (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #1) 7.34   3
Shadow's Witness (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #2) 6.34   3
The Shattered Mask (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #3) 6.00   2
Black Wolf (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #4) 6.00   1
Heirs of Prophecy (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #5) 6.00   1
Sands of the Soul (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #6) 6.00   1
Lord of Stormweather (Forgotten Realms: Sembia #7) 6.00   1

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