Truth and Steel

by Thomas M. Reid
Release date: 2006
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

Khaniel Devlin, weapons master and mercenary, encounters a troupe of Paladins seeking the hidden refuge of a long-lost member of their order. Led by a devout and charismatic woman named Zethamy Demarro, the group is attacked by a horde of giant cyclopes and Khaniel accidentally cuts Zethamy down during the ferocious battle. Khaniel and his dwarven friend Bruigan are hauled back home to Freeport in irons where they are ultimately sold into slavery in the ogre city of Oggok.

In captivity Khaniel discovers that Zethamy did not perish that fateful day in the mountains, but lost her sight and is now also a slave among the ogres. Khaniel, Bruigan and their new shaman friend, Bhaobuk mount a rescue mission and soon are running for their lives in the wilds, with the blind but determined Zethamy in tow. Still intent upon finding the elusive hermit who is in possession of invaluable religious treasures, she persuades Khaniel to help her track down the recluse's lair. But danger awaits the small band as they soon discover that powerful foes are on the same quest...

(updated 2010-09-07)

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