Key of Stars (Forgotten Realms: Abolethic Sovereignty #3) by Bruce R. Cordell 8.00   1

Lovecraftian horror from award-winning Forgotten Realms® game designer Bruce R. Cordell.

Raidon Kane survived his clash against the eldest aboleth, but came away with his mind shattered. Destiny hands Raidon one last chance to avert the Abolethic Sovereignty's agenda, but only if he can find within himself the strength to care. Raidon, the warlock Japheth, and Anusha, a young woman whose dreams are made real, must find Key of Stars before it is used to open the Far Manifold, and all reality drowns in a tide of horrific insanity.

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Release date September 2, 2010
Details updated January 7, 2015

Forgotten Realms: Abolethic Sovereignty

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Main series Forgotten Realms

Plague of Spells (Forgotten Realms: Abolethic Sovereignty #1) 6.00   1
City of Torment (Forgotten Realms: Abolethic Sovereignty #2) 8.00   1
Key of Stars (Forgotten Realms: Abolethic Sovereignty #3) 8.00   1