The Steel Queen (The Silk & Steel Saga, #1)
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The Steel Queen

by Karen Azinger
Release date: May 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Azinger's series is fast-paced action-packed fantasy. Kingdoms and characters come alive as they are woven together through twisting plots, surprising and delighting the reader with each chapter.

In a world of forgotten magic, the kingdoms of Erdhe are nothing more than a chessboard for the gods. The players are being positioned for an epic struggle where lives, loves and crowns hang in the balance, yet few mortals understand the rules.

In this game of power, pawns of light and darkness will make the difference in the battle for the future of the world:

• Katherine, ‘The Imp’: a young princess with the stout heart of a warrior will challenge the minions of a thousand-year-old evil.

• Liandra: The Spider Queen; who uses her beauty to beguile, her spies to foresee, and her gold to control, will need all of her skill and strength to fight a rebellion with her own blood at it's heart.

• Magda, a silver-haired grandmother who has been stripped of all she holds dear will be underestimated in the fight against a false religion.

• Cereus, an oracle priestess, will ply her powers of dark magic and seduction in her quest for immortality.

• Steffan, the puppeteer, will corrupt the innocent and unwary with greed and desire, as he sets fire to an entire kingdom.

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Thanks for advising me to read this, Sami, good advice. It definitely has an appeal and I will be reading book 2. A good read with some excellent characterisation and well crafted plot. This book has a nice feel to it. The heroes develop nicely and there's a multitude of possibilities developing. Very well honed fantasy with a good potential for more to come. I enjoyed this book.
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