A Tangle in Slops

by Jeffrey E. Barlough
Release date: February 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror


Round a corner of the house it came – a huge, ungainly form, shambling along on its four oddly-curved, paddle-like limbs. A deep-voiced growl could be heard rumbling in its throat.

The moon's silvered beams were shining full upon it, when of a suddenty the monster reared up onto its haunches and stood a while observing us.

"We must have our revenge!" sang out Stroppy, who of the lads appeared the more inebriated. "For the Foud's sake, have a taste o' this, ye brute!"

In a fit of courage he drew an object from his pocket and hurled it at the beast – a large, well-aimed object, which sailed like a shot from his hand and struck the looming giant square in the face...
updated 2011-02-10

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