Ascent (Geodesica #1) - Sean Williams, Shane Dix
The year is 2388. Humanity has spread to the stars, but the far-flung Arc Systems chafe under the tight control of the Exarchs, post-human AIs whose domination of faster-than-light technology7 gives them unsurpassed power. Then the discover of an alien artefact - dubbed Geodesica - changes everything. Promising rapid transfer between systems, it could give humans the advantage they need to bring down the Exarchs. Now, a handful of men and women - including the VOIDship pilot Palmer Eogan, who is no longer quite human, and the revolutionary leader, Melilah Awad - are about to risk everything to unlock the secrets of Geodesica. And what they find will be far more dangerous than anyone - human or AI - could imagine...
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Release date: 2005
Genres: science fiction
Updated: January 17, 2017

Geodesica :: Series

Ascent (Geodesica #1)
Descent (Geodesica #2)