Haunts in the House (Sabrina the Teenage Witch #27) - John Vornholt

Monsters, and tricks, and ghouls, oh my!

Sabrina can't believe that MR. Kraft is eliminating all the extra-curricular activities... even cheerleading. When she discovers that there is no money to fund the programs she comes up with a great idea... a haunted house fund raiser: The Holloween Machine. The attraction has a fun house, a maze, and special effects.

Converting an old factory into a working haunted house is no problem when you have the help of a hobgoblin – a household helper. The "hobby" does homework, balances Aunt Zelda's checkbook, polishes the silverware, and even helps Sabrina with the planning of the fundraiser – that is until Salem upsets the supportive guest. And when you upset a hobgoblin... watch out!

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Release date: 1999
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Updated: August 22, 2021