The Dying Light (Evergence #2) - Sean Williams, Shane Dix
Long before the Commonwealth of Empires, long before the Dato Bloc rebellion, the Sol Apotheosis Movement created a group of super-soldiers to spread their agenda throughout the galaxy. But something went dreadfully wrong, and entire solar systems ceased to exist ... THE ENHANCED WARRIOR Morgan Roche had been an intelligence agent for the Commonwealth of Empires. But she turned renegade to determine the truth about a man named Adoni Cane. The answer - that he was the last of the genetically enhanced warriors called the Sol Wunderkind - shook the foundations of her world. Now Roche is faced with an even more frightening fact: Cane may not be the last of his kind. A star has vanished, leaving only a terrible emptiness in space. Word spreads across the galaxy: The Sol Wunderkind have returned. Roche finds herself at the centre of the coming conflict, as she struggles to penetrate the layers of deception surrounding the origins of the super-soldiers - and the even deeper mystery concerning the artificial intelligence called "the Box" - an entity that seems to have a sinister agenda of its own...
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Release date: 2000
Genres: science fiction
Updated: September 07, 2010

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