The Sky Warden and the Sun (Books of the Change #2) - Sean Williams
Sal went cold at the feel of this new, more sophisticated pursuer. Had Behenna found him? Did he know where Sal and Shilly were, and where they were headed? Ultimately it didn't change anything. They were still running. They simply had a better idea, now, of who they were running from. Sal's life has been thrown into turmoil. Homeless and haunted by a past he never suspected he had, he is unsure where he is running to - but Shilly is very clear on what she wants. She wants to find Lodo's old teacher and learn from him. To search for the Mage Van Haasteren they must head north to the Interior, where Sal's mother was born. But even if they reach the Interior there is guarantee that the Stone Mages will help them. The journey over rugged mountainous country on the Old Line is dangerous and the Sky Warden, Shom Behenna, is in hot pursuit. It will take all their ingenuity and courage to reach the Divide and get across to the other side...
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Release date: 2002
Genres: fantasy
Updated: September 07, 2010