Saturn Returns (Astropolis #1) - Sean Williams

Dark experiments, dangerous ruins, fleeting ghosts and deadly conspiracies...

On the edge of the galaxy in a distant and terrible future, Imre Bergamasc is reborn into a pieced-together body with the certain knowledge that he was the victim of an elaborate murder plot.

But neither his mind nor the history of his former life are as easily reassembled, so he sets out to follow the fragments of his memories and discover the reason for his elimination. Through interstellar graveyards, decaying megacities and bizarre star systems, he pursues whispers
connecting the death of the worlds he once knew to his own murder.

Tracked by forces determined to thwart his efforts, Imre combs the wreckage of the future for the truth about himself - no matter how unbearable it may be.

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Release date: April 2007
Genres: science fiction
Updated: January 19, 2017

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Saturn Returns (Astropolis #1)
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