Resident Evil: Extinction

by Keith R. A. DeCandido
Resident Evil: Extinction - Keith R. A. DeCandido 6.00   1

A novelization of the film Resident Evil: Extinction.

Following the events of the first two films, Resident Evil and Resident Evil Apocalypse, the genetic research facility owned and operated by Umbrella Corporation has failed to contain the horrifying T-virus... leaving the streets of Raccoon City swarming with the living dead before the metropolis is eventually and utterly destroyed. Now the survivors of the catastrophe, including the mysterious Alice, must fight their way across the Nevada desert and to safety, even as Umbrella's conspires to bring about their complete annihilation...

Release date 2007

Details updated August 20, 2021

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Resident Evil :: Series

Series contains 7 primary works and has 11 total works.

The Umbrella Conspiracy (Resident Evil #1) N/A
Caliban Cove (Resident Evil #2) N/A
City of the Dead (Resident Evil #3) N/A
Underworld (Resident Evil #4) N/A
Nemesis (Resident Evil #5) 4.00   1
Code: Veronica (Resident Evil #6) N/A
Zero Hour (Resident Evil #7) N/A
Resident Evil: Genesis 6.00   1
Resident Evil: Apocalypse N/A
Resident Evil: Extinction 6.00   1
Resident Evil: Retribution N/A

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