The Resurrected Man - Sean Williams
WHEN IS A MURDER NOT A CRIME? WHEN IS A MURDERER NOT GUILTY? The year is 2069. D-mat offers fast, cheap travel, plus the potential to turn humanity into a race of godlike starfarers. But new technology has a dark side: d-mat allows a killer to perpetrate a series of vicious attacks without leaving a victim. Detective Marylin Blaylock is on the case... a case where the murdered women all resemble her. Jonah McEwen, a P.I. and Blaylock's ex-partner, is the prime suspect. But Jonah's alibi is watertight. He's been in a tub of maintenance gel, unconscious for three years. Yet, in a bizarre twist, he could still be guilty. An exciting sci-fi thriller from the award-winning author of Metal Fatigue. A fascinating and complex study of betrayal and deceit where the stakes are higher than anyone ever imagined...
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Release date: 1998
Genres: science fiction
Updated: September 07, 2010