Metal Fatigue - Sean Williams
In a dystopic world after a devastating world war, the American city of Kennedy has walled itself off from the decline of the former USA. Determined to continue as a functioning metropolis, Kennedy strictly patrols its boundaries and struggles to maintain the semblance of a modern city. Now, forty years after the end of the war, Kennedy is in crisis. Technologies are failing and replacements and repairs are not forthcoming. It is within this atmosphere of slow death that news of Re-United States of America emerges - a RUSA which wants Kennedy to join. But not everyone in Kennedy agrees with reassimilation, and a series of political assassinations and data thefts begin. As the deadline for union looms, Phil Roads, the investigator assigned to solve the killings and robberies, is under pressure. Caught between murderous opposing forces, with dangerous secrets emerging from his past, he needs to find out who's behind the crimes - and fast.
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Release date: 1996
Genres: science fiction
Updated: September 07, 2010