The Devoured Earth (The Books of the Cataclysm #4) - Sean Williams
In a glacial lake at the top of the world, salvation and destruction await... Haunted by a ghost from the future, Shilly and her man’kin allies are drawn into the snowbound mountains on a mission to save the world. Yod, trapped by the Castillo twins in the Void Beneath, may finally be close to breaking free. Hard on Shilly’s heels are Sal and his father, and an uneasy alliance of Sky Wardens, Panic and foresters. The stakes are high. Strange and ancient forces struggle for ascendancy, including the glast and a dragon with its own agenda. If the Goddess rises from her Tomb the fate of the Ice Eaters will be sealed, and they will kill anyone who tries to get in their way...
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Release date: June 2006
Genres: science fiction
Updated: September 07, 2010