Prelude to Armageddon

Cleve Cartmill
science fiction, short stories
Prelude to Armageddon - Cleve Cartmill

Edited with an introduction by John Pelan.

The name Cleve Cartmill is synonymous with the "Golden Age of Science Fiction". For over a decade beginning in 1941 Cartmill received equal billing with the most famous names of the era such as Heinlein, Simak, Hubbard, and de Camp. His novellas and novelettes were frequently the lead features of Astounding Science Fiction and Unknown Worlds. Best known today for the famous "atom bomb" story "Deadline", Cartmill's impressive oeuvre of fantasy and science fiction has appeared only sporadically in anthologies and with the exception of the paperback Space Scavenger, has never been collected in book form. This is the first of a projected five volume set that will collect all of Cleve Cartmill's fantastic fiction. From the fantasies such as "The Bargain" and "Age Cannot Wither" to the dystopian future show in "With Flaming Swords", this collection presents a selection showcasing the range of this unjustly neglected master of fantastic fiction.


  • Introduction by John Pelan
  • No Graven Image
  • Deadline
  • My Lady Smiles
  • The Bargain
  • With Flaming Swords
  • Cabal
  • Oscar
  • Youth, Anybody?
  • Age Cannot Wither
  • Love After Doomsday
  • Prelude to Armageddon (novel)
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Release date: 2003
Genres: science fiction, short stories
Updated: August 25, 2021