Terminal Visions

Richard Paul Russo
science fiction, short stories
Terminal Visions - Richard Paul Russo

Endeavour Award nominee 2001.

Richard Paul Russo is known for his dark and sinister views of the future and the human spirit. In his first collection of short fiction, Russo presents a wide variety of tales – "More Than Night" and "In the Season of the Rains," tales of gritty alien encounters, and the ultimate road story, "Just Drive, She Said." In other stories, the hopelessness of the human condition is examined – on Earth in "Cities in Dust," in space in "The Open Boat," and in an alternate reality in "Prayers of a Rain God." Of the 14 tales, 11 are set on Earth-and Russo's Earth can be far more alien than other worlds.


  • Introduction by Karen Joy Fowler
  • Listen to My Heartbeat
  • Just Drive, She Said
  • In the Season of the Rains
  • The Open Boat
  • Lunar Triptych: Embracing the Night
  • Celebrate the Bullet
  • Watching Lear Dream
  • Telescope, Saxophone and the Pilot's Death
  • Cities in Dust
  • Liz and Diego
  • No Place Any More
  • Prayers of a Rain God
  • More than Night
  • View from Above
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Release date: 2000
Genres: science fiction, short stories
Updated: August 30, 2021
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