Sleight of Hand (Barbara Holloway #9) - Kate Wilhelm

When a seemingly simple case quickly turns complicated, respected attorney Barbara Holloway must rethink her game plan. The route to justice is paved with nothing but lies, and Barbara must make a judgment call that leaves her with no option.

Gregarious Vegas entertainer Wally Lederer has a lucrative showbiz career, but when a childhood friend accuses him of stealing a valuable artifact, his checkered past comes back to haunt him. Wally claims he's turned his life around since spending time in the slammer for picking pockets, but will the police believe him? More important, does Barbara believe him when he pleads his case to her?

Wally swears he's innocent. But when his accuser is found murdered, Barbara knows Wally is in serious trouble – the police have named him as their prime suspect.

Barbara begins to dig up the dirt, and before long new evidence points toward an unlikely killer. Now Barbara must decide if protecting her client by revealing the truth will destroy another life she means to save.

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Release date: 2006
Genres: thriller
Updated: August 15, 2021