The Planet Savers
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The Planet Savers

by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Release date: 1962
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

Dr. Jay Allison was a surgeon specializing in the parasitology of the planet Darkover. Antiseptic hospital walls were the limits of his world – the virgin ranges of the planet, and its people, were abhorrent to him. Jason was Dr. Allison's exact opposite – headstrong and impulsive. Raised by the semi-human Trailmen, he loved Darkover as his only known home. A deadly epidemic threatened the planet, and epidemic that would destroy both Terran and Darkovan civilization, and the only hope for a cure lay somewhere in the unknown vastness of Trailmen territory. Only Jason could lead them safely through that dangerous land, and only Jay Allison could develop the cure – but it was impossible for them to work together... for both minds shared one body.

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The Planet Savers, by Marion Zimmer Bradley The copy I have of this is from the Gutenberg project. It is taken from the pages of amazing stories. And I want to share the little quote at the beginning. [Quote] Marion Zimmer Bradley has written some of the finest science fiction in print. She has been away from our pages too long. So this story is in the nature of a triumphant return. It could well be her best to date. Marion Zimmer Bradley. The Planet Savers (Kindle Locations 16-17). ... (more)
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