Marked Cards

George R. R. Martin
science fiction, anthology
Marked Cards (Wild Cards #14) - George R. R. Martin

Edited by George R.R. Martin.

Book II of a New Cycle.

Hannah Davis and her group of heroes race to expose the Card Sharks, an evil conspiracy whose ultimate goal is the wholesale destruction of those afflicted with the Wild Cards virus.


  • Paths of Silence and of Night by Leanne C. Harper
  • The Color of His Skin by Stephen Leigh
  • My Sweet Lord by Victor Milán
  • A Dose of Reality by Laura J. Mixon and Melinda M. Snodgrass
  • Two of a Kind by Walton Simons
  • A Breath of Life by Sage Walker
  • Feeding Frenzy by Walter Jon Williams
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Release date: 1994
Genres: science fiction, anthology
Updated: August 23, 2021

Wild Cards :: Series

Into a world hungry for peace, comes a spaceship ferrying chaos...

An alien bomb is detonated above the planet, shedding an indiscriminate gene virus on an Earth barely recovered from the horrors of World War ll. The result: Wild Cards. ACES blessed with superhuman powers and JOKERS cursed with bizarre physical and mental disfigurements.

This is their story.

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