The Engines of the Night: Science Fiction in the Eighties

by Barry N. Malzberg
The Engines of the Night: Science Fiction in the Eighties - Barry N. Malzberg N/A

Hugo Award nominee 1983.


  • Introduction
  • The Number of the Beast (essay)
  • L'Etat c'est moi (essay)
  • I Could Have Been a Contender, Part One (essay)
  • Anonymity & Empire (essay)
  • I Don't Know How to Put It Love but I'll Surely Surely Try (essay)
  • Memoir from Grub Street (essay)
  • The Fifties (essay)
  • The Fifties: Recapitulation and Coda (essay)
  • Ah Tempora! Ah Portions! Ah Mores! Ah Outlines! (essay)
  • Science Fiction and the Academy: Some Notes (essay)
  • At the Divining Edge (essay)
  • Some Notes Toward the True and the Terrible (essay)
  • Wrong Rabbit (essay)
  • John W. Campbell: June 8, 1910 to July 11, 1971 (essay)
  • The Science Fiction of Science Fiction (essay)
  • I Don't Want Her You Can Have Her-- (essay)
  • Onward and Upward With the Arts Part II (essay)
  • Tell Me Doctor If You Can That It's Not All Happening Again (essay)
  • The Richard Nixon-John B. Mitchell-Spiro Agnew Blues (essay)
  • Cornell George Hopley Woolrich: December 1903 to September 1968 (essay)
  • A Few Hard Truths for the Troops (essay)
  • Onward and Upward With the Arts Part III (essay)
  • Science Fiction As Picasso (essay)
  • Mark Clifton: 1906-1963 (essay)
  • September 1973: What I Did Last Summer (essay)
  • The Cutting Edge (essay)
  • Son of the True and Terrible (essay)
  • The All-Time, Prime-Time, Take-Me-to-Your-Leader Science Fiction Plot (essay)
  • Grandson of the True and the Terrible (essay)
  • Give Me That Old-Time Religion (essay)
  • SF Forever (essay)
  • What I Won't Do Next Summer, I Guess (essay)
  • Come Fool, Follify (essay)
  • The Engines of the Night (essay)
  • Con Sordino (essay)
  • Corridors (short story)
  • L'Envoi (essay)

Release date 1982

Details updated August 28, 2021

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