The Great Game (The Bookman Histories #3) - Lavie Tidhar

When Mycroft Holmes is murdered in London, it is up to retired shadow executive Smith to track down his killer - and stumble on the greatest conspiracy of his life. Strange forces are stirring into life around the globe, and in the shadow game of spies nothing is certain. Fresh from liberating a strange alien object in Abyssinia - which might just be the mythical Ark of the Covenant - young Lucy Westerna, Holmes' protégé, must follow her own path to the truth while, on the other side of the world, a young Harry Houdini must face his greatest feat of escape - death itself.

As their paths converge the body count mounts up, the entire world is under threat, and in a foreboding castle in the mountains of Transylvania a mysterious old man weaves a spider's web of secrets and lies.

Airship battles, Frankenstein monsters, alien tripods and death-defying acts: The Great Game is a cranked-up steampunk thriller in which nothing is certain - not even death.

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Release date: January 27, 2012
Genres: fantasy, alternate historysteampunk
Average rating: 10.00/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: August 29, 2021

The Bookman Histories :: Series

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The Great Game (The Bookman Histories #3)


10/10 |
April 08, 2013
'm a fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy. So, stepping into Steampunk can be both easy and trying. Fortunately I'm not so tied up with the harder form of science fiction. I think some contemporary authors of Hard Science Fiction take the hard part ...