Martians, Go Home
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Martians, Go Home

by Fredric Brown
Release date: 1955
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction
Tags: humor

They were green. They were little. They were bald as billiard balls and they were everywhere.

Luke Devereaux was a science-fiction writer, holed up in a desert shack waiting for inspiration. He was the first man to see a Martian. But he wasn't the last! It was estimated that a billion of them had arrived – one to every three human beings on Earth – obnoxious green creatures who could be seen and heard, but not harmed, and who probed private sex lives as shamelessly as they probed government secrets.

No one knew why they had come. No one knew how to make them go away – except, perhaps, Luke Devereaux. Unfortunately Devereaux was going slightly bananas, so it wouldn't be easy. But for a science-fiction writer nothing was impossible.

updated 2020-09-18

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