The Nightrunners

by Joe R. Lansdale
The Nightrunners - Joe R. Lansdale 6.92   23

The Nightrunners was originally written in 1982 as Night of the Goblins.

Becky and Montgomery Jones are struggling to heal their relationship in the aftermath of a terrifying rape. Haunted by waking nightmares, Becky is convinced that her visions of death are actual premonitions, and that her attacker — who hanged himself in prison — will be coming for her. Her husband thinks it more likely that she's suffering post-traumatic hallucinations.

In fact, the gang responsible for Becky's assault has made a pact with The God of The Razor, a malevolent entity that demands as much blood, cutting and terror as they can feed it. Its first order of business is to have them finish what was started with Becky Jones. To make sure that they do it properly, Becky's dead rapist has decided to hijack a body and come along for the ride.

Dean R. Koontz described The Nightrunners as having a raw power that "grabs you and carries you right along," and there speaks a man who knows terrifying. A full-tilt, no-holds-barred tale of death, destruction, and moral corruption, The Nightrunners isn't for the faint-hearted. Don't blame Lansdale if you find your dreams haunted as well.

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Release date 1987
Details updated August 26, 2022
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