The Other Side of the Sky

by Arthur C. Clarke
The Other Side of the Sky by Arthur C. Clarke 8.00   1

The Other Side of the Sky presents a glimpse of our future: a future where reality is no longer contained in earthly dimensions, where man has learned to exist with the knowledge that he is not alone in the universe. These stories of other planets and galactic adventures show Arthur C. Clarke at the peak of his powers: sometimes disturbing, always intriguing.


  • Bibliographical Note
  • The Nine Billion Names of God
  • Refugee
  • The Other Side of the Sky:
    • Special Delivery
    • Feathered Friends
    • Take a Deep Breath
    • Freedom of Space
    • Passer-by
    • The Call of the Stars
  • The Wall of Darkness
  • Security Check
  • No Morning After
  • Venture to the Moon:
    • The Starting Line
    • Robin Hood, F.R.S.
    • Green Fingers
    • All That Glitters
    • Watch This Space
    • A Question of Residence
  • Publicity Campaign
  • All the Time in the World
  • Cosmic Casanova
  • The Star
  • Out of the Sun
  • Transience
  • The Songs of Distant Earth

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Release date 1958
Details updated January 16, 2017
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