The Complete Stories: Volume 1

by Isaac Asimov
Release date: 1990
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, short stories

For the legions of Isaac Asimov fans who have been enjoying his short fiction for over half a century, here is the definitive Asimov.

This volume, first in a series of collectors' editions, contains forty-six science fiction stories – many now classics of the genre. As Dr Asimov points out in his introduction, many also held a personal meaning for him, including 'The Last Question' (his favourite short story of all), 'The Ugly Little Boy' (his third favourite, a real heart-tugger), 'Sally' (which reveals his true feelings about automobiles), and 'Nightfall', which readers and the Science Fiction Writers of America have voted the best science fiction story of all time.

By turns erudite and fanciful, provocative and just plain fun, the stories collected here illustrate the rich diversity of Isaac Asimov's remarkable talents. To read any one of them is to understand immediately his enormous and ever expanding popularity. To have them gathered in a single collection is a welcome and long-overdue treat for all lovers of science fiction, be they longtime Asimov fans or readers just discovering his imaginative new worlds for the first time.


  • Introduction
  • The Dead Past
  • The Foundation of S. F. Success
  • Franchise
  • Gimmicks Three
  • Kid Stuff
  • The Watery Place
  • Living Space
  • The Message
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Hell-Fire
  • The Last Trump
  • The Fun They Had
  • Jokester
  • The Immortal Bard
  • Someday
  • The Author's Ordeal
  • Dreaming Is a Private Thing
  • Profession
  • The Feeling of Power
  • The Dying Night
  • I'm in Marsport Without Hilds
  • The Gentle Vultures
  • All the Troubles of the World
  • Spell My Name with an S
  • The Last Question
  • The Ugly Little Boy
  • Nightfall
  • Green Patches
  • Hostess
  • Breeds there a Man...
  • C-Chute
  • In a Good Cause-
  • What If-
  • Sally
  • Flies
  • Nobody Here But-
  • It's Such a Beautiful Day
  • Strikebreaker
  • Insert Knob A in Hole B
  • The Up-to-Date Sorcerer
  • Unto the Fourth Generation
  • What Is This Thing Called Love?
  • The Machine That Won the War
  • My Son, the Physicist
  • Eyes Do More Than See
  • Segregationist
  • I Just Make Them Up, See!
  • Rejection Slip
updated 2010-09-07

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