Return of the Exile (Dragonlance: The Linsha Trilogy #3) - Mary H. Herbert N/A

The forces of darkness conquer...

The dragon overlords are dead, the last of the dragon eggs taken by the Tarmak conquerors for use in their vile rites. The Tarmak have crushed every army sent against them, and now Linsha Majere herself is captive, on her way to the Tarmak homeland where she faces the choices of marriage to the one man she hates most in all the world or death in combat. Still, her oaths to her friends and her Order bind her, and she must find a way to save the last of the dragon eggs and banish the forces of darkness before all of Southern Ansalon falls to their might. Her one hope lies in the bond of knight to dragon, a bond she is only beginning to understand, but one that may prove the final hope of the world.

In Return of the Exile, acclaimed author Mary H. Herbert concludes the Linsha Trilogy, an epic saga set in the time of the New York Times best-selling War of Souls series by Weis & Hickman.

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Release date 2005
Details updated August 27, 2022

Dragonlance: The Linsha Trilogy :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Main series Dragonlance

City of the Lost (Dragonlance: The Linsha Trilogy #1) N/A
Flight of the Fallen (Dragonlance: The Linsha Trilogy #2) N/A
Return of the Exile (Dragonlance: The Linsha Trilogy #3) N/A