Darkness and Light - Paul B. Thompson, Tonya C. Cook

Before the War of the Lance.

The Companions have gone their separate ways, each vowing to return with news of the growing darkness in Ansalon. Sturm Brightblade, a warrior whose honor is his life, and Kitiara, a passionate woman of uncertain loyalties, travel north in search of Sturm's long-lost father.

Before they reach their destination, a band of gnomes begs for their help. But nothing with gnomes ever goes as planned. The two adventurers are soon thrown into a perilous adventure that will take them beyond the realms of Ansalon, through love and hate, to darkness and light.

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Release date: 1989
Genres: fantasy
Tags: dragonlance, dungeons & dragons
Average rating: 5.00/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: August 17, 2021

Dragonlance: Preludes :: Series

This series was later split into two series: Preludes I (books 1-3) and Preludes II (books 4-6).

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Darkness and Light
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