Riverwind the Plainsman (Dragonlance: Preludes #4) - Paul B. Thompson, Tonya C. Cook 5.50   2

To prove himself worthy of his beloved Goldmoon, Riverwind is sent on quest by the elders of his tribe. The quest seems impossible: In a godless land, Riverwind must find evidence of the true gods.

Accompanied by an eccentric soothsayer and an escaped slave girl, Riverwind is soon caught in a world of slavery, sorcery, and rebellion. He and his friends must fight their way to Xak Tsaroth, but the companions are stalked by fate and prophecy: one will go mad, one will die, and one will find glory.

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Release date 1990
Details updated August 24, 2022

Dragonlance: Preludes :: Series

Series contains 6 primary works and has 6 total works.

This series was later split into two series: Preludes I (books 1-3) and Preludes II (books 4-6).

Main series Dragonlance

Darkness and Light (Dragonlance: Preludes #1) 5.00   2
Kendermore (Dragonlance: Preludes #2) 9.00   1
Brothers Majere (Dragonlance: Preludes #3) 9.00   1
Riverwind the Plainsman (Dragonlance: Preludes #4) 5.50   2
Flint the King (Dragonlance: Preludes #5) 7.50   2
Tanis, the Shadow Years (Dragonlance: Preludes #6) 6.00   2

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