Shadow of the Flame (Dragonlance: The Taladas Chronicles #3) - Chris Pierson

Explore the far-off continent of Taladas in the exciting conclusion to The Taladas Chronicles!

As war and devastation spread across the continent of Taladas, a small band of heroes has just suffered a devastating loss in a fight to determine the world's fate. Barreth Forlo, their leader, has been possessed by the spirit of Maladar the Faceless, a sorcerer-king who seeks to return to power, by whatever means necessary. Now Shedara and Hult, Forlo's companions, must push on without him, bound for the safety of the distant Rainward Isles. Pitted against their friend, they must find a way to stop Maladar from raising his ancient empire from the ashes of history – and the answer may well lie in Forlo's own son, who carries a secret even he doesn't understand.

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Release date: 2007
Genres: fantasy
Tags: dragonlance, dungeons & dragons
Updated: August 22, 2021

Dragonlance: The Taladas Chronicles :: Series

Also known as Dragonlance: Taladas Trilogy.

Belongs to the series Dragonlance

Blades of the Tiger (Dragonlance: The Taladas Chronicles #1)
Trail of the Black Wyrm (Dragonlance: The Taladas Chronicles #2)
Shadow of the Flame (Dragonlance: The Taladas Chronicles #3)