The Starchild Trilogy - Frederik Pohl, Jack Williamson

An omnibus edition of The Reefs of Space, Starchild and Rogue Star.

On the future Earth all humanity must serve the Plan of Man.

Far beyond the orbit of Pluto, half-mythical bodies circle the Solar System - the Reefs of Space, unknown, shrouded in mystery, the goal of human conquest, the obsession of the Plan of Man, tyrannical ruler of Earth.

A mysterious being of awesome powers, the Starchild has sent an ultimatum to Earth, demanding that the Plan of Man abdicate his control over humanity. If not, the Starchild will extinguish the Sun and the Plan of Man's realm will become a frozen, lifeless waste.

A passionate human love sets in motion forces of cosmic power and unleashes the Starchild, a creation that knows neither love nor hate and understands only "life." But even "life" is not necessarily life as humans define it.

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Release date: 1977
Genres: science fiction, collection
Updated: August 08, 2012

Starchild :: Series

The Reefs of Space (Starchild #1)
Starchild (Starchild #2)
Rogue Star (Starchild #3)
The Starchild Trilogy