Cootie Wars by David Cody Weiss, Bobbi J. G. Weiss 8.00   1

When Dee Dee sends her evil, icky girl cooties to invade Dexter's lab, the boy genius knows no cootie shot can possibly protect him. There's only thing to do do: declare WAR! Dexter's got the perfect plan to take his sister down – he'll create his own super-strength boy cooties! This is it: the duel that will bring their sibling rivalry to its peak. And Dexter's determined to win, one cootie at a time.

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Release date 2003
Details updated January 20, 2017

Dexter's Laboratory

Series contains 4 total works.

The Dex-Terminator 8.00   1
Knights of the Periodic Table 8.50   2
Cootie Wars 8.00   1