What the Night Knows

by Dean Koontz
Release date: December 26, 2010
Type: other fiction
Genres: thriller

A ghost story with a terrifying villain at its heart, What the Night Knows is #1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz at his chilling best. A must read for anyone who loves ghost stories, this impossible-to-put-down novel will also have great appeal for Dean Koontz's legions of fans.

Police detective John is visiting the confines of a state hospital to interrogate Lucas, a mentally disturbed fourteen-year-old who's just confessed to a horrific crime. Anything but nervous, and subtly taunting, the boy seems wiser than his years — and curiously, almost eerily knowledgeable about a similar crime that occurred in John's hometown some twenty years ago.

Later that night, reunited with his wife and children, John cannot shake the uneasy feeling that there's an unseen presence in the house with them. As the signs of haunting begin to increase, darkness descends over the once happy family. But not even these macabre portents can prepare John for the dread that will grip him thirty-three days later, when a senseless multiple murder confirms his most fearful suspicions. A pattern has begun to emerge. Crimes from the distant past have started to repeat themselves and, John knows, they will culminate on the night of his son's fourteenth birthday — when a killer John thought he had long ago vanquished returns to exact his revenge at last.

Who is the malevolent spectral force at the heart of this twenty-year-old mystery? In a tale made for late-night campfire retelling, Dean Koontz brings readers to the very edge of fear — and then pushes them over the edge. It's a place where ghosts haunt the living and the evil of the past never really dies. It just assumes a new and even more terrifying face.

updated 2017-01-23

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