Angel at Dawn

Upyr #2 of 2
by Emma Holly
Angel at Dawn (Upyr #2) - Emma Holly N/A

No woman should forget her soulmate, yet Grace Gladwell remembers nothing of Christian Durand, the medieval soldier she captivated during a fractured moment in time — when she was just a specter, a heartbeat away from death. Then, Grace could have been Christian’s savior. Now, she’s a symbol of more betrayals than he can count. He knows he’d be better off not remembering... except for the scrap of his broken heart that still longs to believe in her.

Christian certainly shouldn’t get tangled up with his other nemesis, Nim Wei. Five hundred years haven’t made the vampire queen any more trustworthy. Now she wants to rule Hollywood as a film director, with Christian her next big star. Grace is her secret weapon in recruiting Christian to take the role. Hoping to direct herself, Grace has been playing unwitting student to Nim Wei’s seemingly kind mentor. One encounter with Christian’s smoldering bad-boy charisma convinces Grace her teacher is even smarter than she gave her credit for.

Too bad for all of them that fiction — and film — can be as strange as truth. Nothing and no one are what they seem in this seductive vampire movie, least of all the people who are trying to survive making it.

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Release date January 1, 2011
Details updated August 7, 2022

Upyr :: Series

Series contains 2 primary works and has 2 total works.

Devil at Midnight (Upyr #1) N/A
Angel at Dawn (Upyr #2) N/A