Watch the Skies (Daniel X #2) - James Patterson, Ned Rust

Daniel X has his work cut out. He has a deadly list of evil predators to eliminate. He's made it all look easy so far, but much darker days await him.

Next on his list is Number Five, a terrifying alien who is watching Daniel as intently as Daniel has been tracking him. Number Five kills for thrills but not just for his own. He is operating a sinister entertainment network and innocent people are unknowingly the stars of the show. 

But while Number Five may have managed to brainwash the public, is he cunning enough to outwit the alien hunter? As the two seek to destroy one another, who will be the ultimate winner? And will Daniel X live to see who is next on his list?

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Release date: July 27, 2009
Genres: science fiction, young adult
Updated: September 07, 2010

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