No Rest for the Witches

Lori Handeland, MaryJanice Davidson, Christine Warren, Cheyenne McCray
fantasy, anthology, romance
No Rest for the Witches


From broomsticks to black magic, leather-clad warriors to love potions gone wrong, here you’ll find four stories of supernatural sex and suspense from some of today’s hottest bestselling authors.
MaryJanice Davidson: “The Majicka”

Life’s a bit crowded for Ireland and her roommates — a fairy, a werewolf, a vampire, and now a zombie... especially when a mysterious man walks through the door. Will there be any room left for love?
Lori Handeland: “Voodoo Moon”

For Devil’s Fork-based FBI Agent Dana Duran, the only way to fight a supernatural serial killer just may be to embrace life. But little did she know that voodoo could be so viciously sexy...
Cheyenne McCray:  “Breath of Magic”

San Francisco’s witches are in an epic battle. But even if Sydney can use her sultry ways and ancient Druid powers to save the world, can she risk losing her heart to handsome warrior Conlan?
Christine Warren: “Any Witch Way She Can”

A desperately lonely witch decides to take matters of love into her own hands when she casts a cosmic personal ad... only to find that the perfect formula for love is a strange brew indeed.

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Release date: 2007
Genres: fantasy, anthology, romance
Tags: witches
Updated 2017-01-18