Spider Island

Jack Williamson
science fiction, short stories
Spider Island (The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson #4) - Jack Williamson

Foreword by Edward Bryant. Cover art by Rudolph Belarski.

This fourth volume continues the publishing program to collect the stories of Science Fiction Grand Master Jack Williamson.

Drawn from such classic pulp magazines as Astounding Stories, Weird Tales, Thrilling Wonder Stories, and Thrilling Mystery, this volume features sixteen tales (including four novel-length adventures, "Dreadful Sleep," "The Blue Spot," "Released Entropy," and the original magazine text of The Legion of Time), seven of which have never been published in book form.

The book is smythe-sewn, bound in full cloth, and printed on acid-neutral paper, with full-color endpapers reproducing the original pulp magazine cover art.

With a foreword by author, and critic, Edward Bryant, Spider Island contains the sense of wonder from the early years of American Science Fiction and continues the documentation of Williamson's unparalleled career.


  • "American Gods, American Dreaming" by Edward Bryant
  • "The Ruler of Fate" (Weird Tales, Apr, May, Jun '36)
  • "Death’s Cold Daughter"  (Thrilling Mystery, Sep '36)
  • "The Great Illusion"  (with Eando Binder, Edmond Hamilton, Raymond Z. Gallun, and John Russell Fearn) (Fantasy Magazine, Sep '36)
  • "The Blue Spot"  (Astounding Stories, Jan & Feb '37)
  • "The Ice Entity"  (Thrilling Wonder Stories, Feb '37)
  • "Spider Island"  (Thrilling Mystery, Apr '37)
  • "The Mark of the Monster"  (Weird Tales, May '37)
  • "The Devil in Steel"  (Thrilling Mystery, Jul '37)
  • "Released Entropy"  (Astounding Stories Aug, Sep '37)
  • "Dreadful Sleep"  (Weird Tales, Mar, Apr, May '38)
  • "The Infinite Enemy"  (Thrilling Wonder Stories, Apr '38)
  • "The Legion of Time"  (Astounding Stories, May, Jun, Jul '38)
  • Afterword" by Jack Williamson


  • "Interview with Jack Williamson"  (Interview, The Science Fiction Fan, July 1936)
  • "Psychology and Characterization"  (Article, Science Fiction Correspondent, November/December 1936)
  • "Has Science Fiction a Future?"  (Article, The International Observer, January 1937)   
  • "Polar Catastrophe"  (Authorial Comments on “The Ice Entity,"  Thrilling Wonder Stories, February 1937)
  • "Science in Science-Fiction"  (Letter to the editor, Astounding Science Fiction, June 1937)
  • "Horror Yarns — Double Action"  (Article, The Author & Journalist, August 1937)
  • "The Inverse Universe"  (Authorial Comments on "The Infinite Enemy," Thrilling Wonder Stories, April 1938)
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Release date: 2002
Genres: science fiction, short stories
Updated: August 30, 2021