The Door Through Space
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The Door Through Space

by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Release date: 1961
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

The Door Through Space is marginally linked to Darkover series.

At one time Race Cargill had been the best Terran intelligence agent on the complex and mysterious planet of Wolf. he had repeatedly imperrilled his life amongst the half-human and non-human creatures of the sullen world. And he had repeatedly accomplished the fantastic missions until his name was emblazoned with glozy.

But that had all seemingly ended. For six long years he'd sat behind a boring desk inside the fenced-in Terran Headquarters, cut off there ever since he and a rival has scarred and ripped each other in blood-feud.

But when "The Door through Space" swung suddenly open, the feud was on again - and with it a plot designed to check and destroy the Terran Empire.

updated 2013-04-15

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The Door Through Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley I read this; because it was there. Well, it's written by Marion Zimmer Bradley and its one of the first novels of her's that was published. I loved The Colors of Space but honestly did not read much more than that because her stories seemed predominantly fantasy and at the time I was reading science fiction. I'm almost sorry I haven't read more of her's- the good thing is that enough is out there I might still have time. The Door Through ... (more)
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