Ghosts and Gadgets

by Marcus Sedgwick
Ghosts and Gadgets (The Raven Mysteries #2) - Marcus Sedgwick N/A

Join the wonderfully weird Otherhand family and their faithful guardian, Edgar the raven, and discover the dark secrets of Castle Otherhand. The rumblings and wailings from the Lost South Wing can no longer be ignored, as one by one, members of the castle are being found frozen, 'scared to death'. With mother, Minty, obsessing over her latest fad – sewing – and father, Valevine, busy experimenting with a machine to discover the Lost Otherhand treasure, it's up to aspiring ghost-hunters Solstice and Cudweed to solve the mystery. But as usual, things don't go quite as planned... It's just as well Edgar is there to save the day!

Second in a brand new six book series of tales of mystery (with a touch of goth-froth) for 9 year olds from bestselling author, Marcus Sedgwick. With quirky black and white line illustrations from new talent, Pete Williamson.

Category: Fantasy Childrens

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Release date 2009
Details updated August 28, 2022

The Raven Mysteries :: Series

Series contains 6 primary works and has 6 total works.

Flood and Fang (The Raven Mysteries #1) N/A
Ghosts and Gadgets (The Raven Mysteries #2) N/A
Lunatics and Luck (The Raven Mysteries #3) N/A
Vampires and Volts (The Raven Mysteries #4) N/A
Magic and Mayhem (The Raven Mysteries #5) N/A
Diamonds and Doom (The Raven Mysteries #6) N/A