More Tales of the Unexpected

Roald Dahl
fantasy, mainstream, short stories
More Tales of the Unexpected - Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl can stand on your head, twist you in knots, tie up your hands and leave you gasping for more. In this, his latest selection of short stories the surprises are as wicked and witty as ever. Taken from "Someone Like You", "Kiss Kiss" and "The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar", plus four brand new stories, they lure you into a world as full of unease, coincidence and black humour as you could wish. This title covers stories including: "Poison"; "The Sound Machine"; "Georgy Porgy"; "Genesis and Catastrophe"; "The Hitch-Hiker"; "The Umbrella Man"; "Mr Botibol"; "Vengeance is Mine Inc."; and, "The Butler".


  • Genesis and Catastrophe (from Kiss Kiss)
  • Georgy Porgy (from Kiss Kiss)
  • Mr. Botibol
  • Poison (from Someone Like You)
  • The Butler
  • The Hitchhiker (from The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More)
  • The Sound Machine (from Someone Like You)
  • The Umbrella Man
  • Vengeance is Mine Inc.
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Release date: 1980
Genres: fantasy, mainstream, short stories
Updated: August 23, 2021