Enchanted Pilgrimage - Clifford D. Simak

The Forbidden Realm

The Wastelands were a realm of magic where no man ventured. Along the borders, the Little People pursued their ancient ways. But the interior was populated by all the dread creatures of darkest legends. There the Hellhounds took their awful vengeance on any who dared violate their territory. And there the Chaos Beast was dead but struggled still to give birth to something even more strange and incomprehensible.

Mark Cornwall was forced to flee into the Wastelands to escape from Beckett, evil agent of the inquisition. There he was joined by Oliver the rafter goblin, Gil of the marshes, Hal and Coon of the Hollow Tree, Snively the gnome – and Mary, who could free the horn of a unicorn and said she was born in the Wastelands.

Ahead lay unknown terror and perilous adventure. And if they survived, there was the alien Caretaker with a message of Destiny.

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Release date: 1975
Genres: fantasy
Updated: January 17, 2017