The Heir of Night

Helen Lowe
fantasy > high fantasy
The Heir of Night (The Wall of Night, #1)8.34

Winner of the 2011 Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novel. Winner of the 2012 David Gemmell Morningstar Award for Best Fantasy Debut.

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If Night falls, all fall...

In the far north of the world of Haarth lies the bitter mountain range known as the Wall of Night. Garrisoned by the Nine Houses of the Derai, the Wall is the final bastion between the peoples of Haarth and the Swarm of Dark – which the Derai have been fighting across worlds and time.

Malian, Heir to the House of Night, knows the history of her people: the unending war with the Darkswarm; the legendary heroes, blazing with long-lost power; the internal strife that has fractured the Derai's former strength. But now the Darkswarm is rising again, and Malian's destiny as Heir of Night is bound inextricably to both ancient legend and any future the Derai – or Haarth – may have.

“The Heir of Night by Helen Lowe is a richly told tale of strange magic, dark treachery and conflicting loyalties, set in a well realized world.” – Robin Hobb

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Release date: September 24, 2010
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Tags: david gemmell award
Average rating: 8.34/10
Total ratings: 6
Updated 2015-09-15