Highway of Eternity
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Highway of Eternity

by Clifford D. Simak
Release date: 1986
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

It all began simply enough. A client had vanished, and Jay Corcoran went to investigate the man's empty hotel suite. But Corcoran's trick vision spotted the room-sized box stuck to the outside wall of the suite. There was no way to get into the box, so Corcoran cabled his long-time pal Tom Boone.

Boone had a talent. When threatened he could "step around a corner" into some otherwhere. Boone stepped into the box, taking Corcoran with him. The box turned out to be a time traveler machine that transported them back to 1745 England, where they found a family of refugees from a million years in the future.

In that far future, alien Infinites were converting humanity to incorporeal form. When the family had refused conversion, they had to flee. For more than a century, the family had lain hidden in their time bubble. Suddenly, the Infinites' killer monster broke through - and things grew complicated as the family fled to the distant past and the farther future.

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