Amazing Science Fiction Anthology: The Wild Years 1946-1955

Martin H. Greenberg
science fiction, anthology
Amazing Science Fiction Anthology: The Wild Years 1946-1955 - Martin H. Greenberg

Edited by Martin H. Greenberg.

Our appliances usually serve us well. But what are we asking too much? Do our machines plot behind our backs...? Will a person who catches the latest "bug" recover as superhuman – or something else...? When the fastest gun in the West thinks the gun into his handm how do you beat him...? People can't really live in Jupiter's seething gaseous atmosphere – or can they...?

These are some of the questions many science fiction authors asked during mind-expanding "Wild Years", the third decade of AMAZING Stories.

In those years, Philip K. Dick, Theodore Sturgeon, Clifford D. Simak, Robert Bloch, Walter M. Miller, Jr., Ray Bradbury, and Isaac Asimov were among the great writers who explored alternative viewpoints, and who submitted their ideas to the world's first and oldest science fiction magazine.


  • Introduction by Robert Bloch
  • You Could be Wrong by Robert Bloch, 1955
  • Breakfast at Twilight by Philip K. Dick, 1954
  • Operation RSVP by H. Beam Piper, 1951
  • Satisfaction Quaranteed by Isaac Asimov, 1951
  • Restricted Area by Robert Shackley, 1953
  • Peacebringer by Ward Moore, 1950
  • The Little Creeps by Walter M. Miller, 1951
  • The Draw by Jerome Bixby, 1954
  • A Way of Thinking by Theodore Sturgeon, 1953
  • Skirmish by Clifford D. Simak, 1950
  • They Fly So High by Ross Rocklynne, 1952
  • Chrysalis by Ray Bradbury, 1946
  • The Authors
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Release date: 1987
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