The Moon Maid - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Also known as The Moon Men.

Note! The Moon Maid is an Edgar Rice Burroughs Lost World novel. It was written in three parts. Part 1 was begun in June 1922 under the title The Moon Maid. Part 2 was begun in 1919 under the title Under the Red Flag, later retitled The Moon Men. Part 3 was titled The Red Hawk. The book version was first published by A. C. McClurg in 1926, under the title The Moon Maid, though it was shortened from the serial. The three parts have been published in varying combinations and under varying titles since 1926.

The man called Julian had lived countless lives, reborn again and again to fight on the side of freedom...

When one man's treachery allowed the power-hungry hordes of the Moon's hidden interior to conquer Earth, civilization crumbled as the followers of the evil Or-tis plundered the once-proud nations of the helpless planet. In mankind's darkest hour, it was Julian 9th who dared to resist the hated Kalkar overlords and spark the rebellion that would one day free the enslaved Earth.

Centuries later Julian reappeared as the Red Hawk, scio of a nomadic tribe sworn to destroy the Kalkar. Taking up the banner of his famous ancestor, the young warrior fought a final, desperate campaign to end the tyranny of the Moon men – and put to rest at last an age-old human feud...


  • The Moon Maid
  • The Moon Men
  • The Red Hawk
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Release date: 1926
Genres: fantasy, short stories
Updated: September 07, 2010