Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn (Thieves' World (original novels) #2) - Robert Asprin

Edited by Robert Lynn Asprin. Cover art by Gary Ruddell. Cover: Tempus battles a hawk-mask.

The world's top fantasy writers spin stories and loop the loop with each other's characters in Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn, the second collection in this unique anthology series set in the amazing city of Sanctuary, where you can enjoy the quiet elegance of Ambrosia House; sample bizarre pleasures at the House of Whips; sip ale in the Vulgar Unicorn, and listen to some of the most strange, dangerous, magical and deadly tales ever told...

Philip José Farmer, A.E. Van Vogt, Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey, Janet Morris, David Drake and Andrew J. Offutt have dreamed up a world of wonders – a fabulous reading adventure!


  • Introduction by Robert Asprin
  • Spiders of the Purple Mage by Philip José Farmer
  • Goddess by David Drake
  • The Fruir of Enlibar by Lynn Abbey
  • The Dream of the Sorceress by A.E. van Vogt
  • Vashanka's Minion by Janet Morris
  • Shadow's Pawn by Andrew J. Offutt
  • To Guard the Guardians by Robert Asprin
  • Essay: The Lighter Side of Sanctuary by Robert Asprin
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Release date: 1980
Genres: fantasy, anthology
Average rating: 7.50/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: August 20, 2021

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