Kirlian Quest

by Piers Anthony
Release date: 1978
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

Twice before, Milky Way Galaxy has been on the verge of extinction, and twice a heroic defender has come forward to throw back the invaders from Andromeda Galaxy. Now the galaxies are united in an alliance of peace. But Hweeh of Weew, Milky Way's leading research astronomer, observes that Amoeba - just beyond the galaxies' common frontier - is expanding ominously in the direction of the twin galaxies. Herald the Healer is called in. Armed only with his hyper-intense Kirlian aura, he wages an almost single-handed battle against the greatest threat ever to face the galaxies. But first he must unravel the secrets of the Ancients - astounding secrets whose import could never have been imagined...
(updated 2017-01-26)

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